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Nay, Dame Mary, answered the Knight, it is enough 1995 corolla engine toyota vibration desire such an attendant. -Yet I have never loved to nurse such useless menials-a ladys page-it may well suit the proud English dames to have a slender youth to bear their trains from bower to hall, fan them when they slumber, and touch the lute for them when they please to listen; but our Scottish matrons were wont to be above such vanities, and our Scottish youth ought to be bred to the spear and the stirrup. Nay, but, my husband, said the Lady, I did but jest when I called this 1995 corolla engine toyota vibration my page; he is in sooth a little orphan whom we saved from perishing in the lake, and whom I have since kept in the castle out of charity. -Lilias, bring little Roland hither. Roland entered accordingly, and, flying to the Ladys side, took hold of the plaits of her gown, and then turned round, and gazed with an attention not unmingled with fear, upon the stately form of the Knight. -Roland, said the Lady, go kiss the hand of the noble Knight, and ask him to be thy protector. -But Roland obeyed not, and, keeping his station, continued to gaze fixedly and timidly on Sir Halbert Glendinning. -Go to the Knight, boy, said the Lady; what dost thou fear, child.
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